1.  Contact Dean Budrow at 623-582-5155 for pricing information and lead time. Rush service is available on a limited basis for an extra charge.

2.  Fill out the Lab Test Request Form as completely as possible and submit.

3.  Fax (623-581-9264) or e-mail (ecc@bagtest.com) your purchase order to the laboratory (purchase orders must be in-house before testing begins). We will submit an invoice to you when the report is issued (our terms are Net 30). 

4.  Ship bags to:

     Environmental Consultant Company
     2501 West Behrend Drive, Suite 51
     Phoenix, Arizona 85027

-Do not pulse down or attempt to clean before removing bags.

-Take them very carefully from a representative area of the filter, trying not to disturb the dust cake.

-Make sure bags are labeled according to removal location.

-Roll or fold carefully into a plastic bag and seal it tightly, to insure all humidity remains inside.

-Put into a second plastic bag and seal again.

-Pack so there is no danger of puncturing the plastic bags either into a pail or box.

-If classified as hazardous, send health and safety information (MSDS) on the outside of container.

All technical reports are issued in a full explanatory fashion with supporting microscopic photography, including all appropriate findings, conclusions and recommendations. If you require more than one copy of the report, please indicate on your purchase order. Purchase orders must be in-house before the testing process is initiated. Please make sure that your order includes the address/contact name where the report is to be mailed, a fax number if you wish the report to be faxed and the billing address. The report is also available for e-mailing, followed up by a hard copy in the mail.